Saturday, August 28, 2010


An excerpt from an excellent website:

Statements my offspring has made that make me wonder if there was a mixup in the hospital

Sometimes I cannot work out my offspring. One moment he will state something that catches me off guard with its clarity, then the next come out with something that causes me to think he may be mentally handicapped.
I was called into his school to speak with the teacher recently. Her statement "He has a good sense of humour but he is the only one that gets it" slightly concerned me but her explanation of why he had received three detentions made me laugh which is not the reaction she expected;

Detention 1

Raised his hand during maths class and asked if Kate (a large girl in his class) did not eat for five weeks, would she get skinny or die?

Detention 2

After teachers had calmed down a very upset child , it was dicovered that Seb had told her "I heard the teachers saying that your parents died today and you are going to have to live at the school."

Detention 3

While the principal was explaining the 'no nut policy' due to nut allergies during a school assembly, Seb yelled out "Woah, thats a lot of nuts" after watching the movie Kung Pow the night before.

Detention 4

Took a flash drive to school and installed the gameTower Defense on fourteen computers...

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